From the Department Head

Founded in 2006, The Department of Communication Sciences is the first example of a media and communication studies program offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, in Turkey. The undergraduate program offers students an intensive exploration of a wide range of contemporary issues in media and communications.

Instead of developing the skills of the students in a narrow field of expertise, The Department of Communication Sciences aims to provide a broad-based understanding of the ever-changing technologies and social dynamics that influence mass communication systems. The program is designed in order to inform students on the behavior of individuals, groups and institutions; provide them with basic skills to examine mass communication systems through scientific methods; and to furnish them with the abilities of examining the phenomenon of communication in a multifaceted way; of developing appropriate strategies for communication issues and evaluating the results of those strategies.

The program includes a mix of compulsory and elective courses on journalism, radio-television broadcasting, cinema, advertising and public relations. The first two-years are mainly focused on introductory courses in social sciences and in different areas of media and communication studies. In the 3rd and 4th years of the program, students find the chance of deepening their theoretical knowledge and choose their specialization with a wide range of elective courses.


Prof. Dr. Barış Çoban

Head of Department