From the Department Head

The science of psychology is concerned with the human mind, one of the most complex substances of the nature. Efforts  to understand this unique existence is still continue  intensively across the  world. The programs of the Department of Psychology are designed to enable graduates to carry out theoretical and applied researches. In accordance with this purpose,  programs include courses on methods and data analysis.

In terms of compulsory courses, the psychology program is organized in accordance with the laws and regulations related to higher  education, the standards and criteria for the Psychology Undergraduate Education Accreditation and the Bologna Process. Undergraduate education is given in English and Turkish.

Modern science is multi-disciplinary. This approach includes  the association of psychological processes with brain structures and processes. Psychology program consists of courses and activities aimed at gaining knowledge and skills on "brain-based psychology ”.
In the Department of Psychology, postgraduate education is also offered and this education is given in the field of Clinical Psychology which is a focus of interest in Turkey. As graduates will use their knowledge in the fields of application mostly in their, the language of education of the graduate programs is opted for  Turkish.

In the planning of the education, the working areas of the candidates and their plans for the future are taken into consideration. For those who will use their knowledge in the field of application, “Master Program without Thesis” was opened. “Master Program with Thesis” was opened for those who prefer to use their knowledge in the field of research, choose to do a doctorate in the future and who think about academic life.

In the Department of Psychology, there is also a Post-Graduate Doctoral Program which is organized for those who have previously received a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology or related fields. In accordance with the regulation changes in Turkey, "Integrated Doctoral Program" for Bachelor Degree graduates has commenced. In this program doctoral courses are introduced following Master Program courses. 

The conditions of modern life have made the knowledge, methods and techniques of psychology increasingly indispensable in many areas. The mission of the Department of Psychology is to train psychologists who can identify individual’s problems, associate these problems with the problems of society, develop creative solutions and put their knowledge into practice. To this end, the program is designed to enable graduates to be proficient in fields of application such as clinical psychology, industrial psychology and health psychology. In the education program, it is considered important to enable the students use their knowledge and skills for themselves; to use these skills for recognizing and controlling themselves, doing self-criticism, maintaining their mental health and recognizing any impending problem, tolerating individual differences, empathizing, understanding others and establishing healthy and constructive communication with them. 

The vision of the Department of Psychology – whose mission is providing comprehensive education on modern, scientific and multi-disciplinary psychology- is to graduate competent psychologists to the world, who use their knowledge and skills in scientific progress and solving social and individual problems.

Assist. Prof. Barkan ESKİİLİ

Head of Department