From the Department Head

Sociology is the study of human and social relations, social behaviors and institutions. As a scientific field, sociology analyzes impacts of different social structures surrounding individuals and the capacity of individuals and groups to transform the social environment. Our department helps students to acquire the necessary competencies to analyze the social world on a micro and macro scale at local and global level by using scientific methods. Within this framework, the Department of Sociology offers an emancipatory education that develops critical thinking and analytic skills.

In today’s world, the social structure of modern societies quickly changes. Our department seeks to respond students’ needs of critical analysis of new social dynamics in knowledge-based society. As the domain of sociology is very broad, students can pursue their careers in numerous fields upon graduation. We note that there is a growing need and interest for sociologists both in public and private sectors in recent years.

Upon graduation, students can participate in initial teacher training and teach sociology, psychology, philosophy and logic at public and private schools affiliated to Ministry of National Education. Apart from non-governmental organizations and strategy centers, they can also work as sociologists, researchers and experts in high level public institutions such as Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Turkish Statistical Institute, State Planning Organization, Institution of Forensic Medicine etc. In addition, they can work as experts and consultants at various independent organizations such as United Nations, World Health Organization, International Labor Organization etc. at international level. They can be employed in municipal corporations and in public institutions & organizations in the field of social services. If they wish, bachelors can obtain a certificate in Family Counseling and pursue their careers in counseling field.

In private sector, sociology graduates can be employed in various departments such as Human Resources (HR), Research and Development (R & D), and Public Relations (PR) at large and medium scale companies. Advertising agencies, consulting firms, promotion agencies and organization firms operating in the private sector show also a growing interest for sociologists. By virtue of strong general knowledge and analytic thinking skills that are acquired during undergraduate education, upon graduation students can obtain important positions in diverse fields of private media companies such as news desk, magazine-publishing, fashion, television, cinema, internet. Increased in numbers recently, research companies conducting qualitative and quantitative social researches for both public and private sectors is also a career option for sociology graduates.


Departmant Chair