From the Department Head

Studying Humanities and Literature has become a vital constituent in making sense of global society. During their undergraduate studies, our students gain a deeper knowledge of world cultures, in addition to perfecting English communication skills.

Founded in 1997, the Department of English Language and Literature is one of the first Departments of Doğuş University. Our department offers courses in the fields and periods of English literature, text analysis, criticism, American literature, and comparative literature. Critical Thinking, Linguistics and Translation Studies are other courses that are part of our curriculum. Globalization has brought with it the understanding and analysis of different cultures. Perceiving this necessity as raising awareness about “English” literature beyond the studies of  “English” literature in our department, we ensure that our students take elective courses such as Postcolonial

Literature and that they also study the literature of other English-speaking countries. In this context, students learn about current issues such as culture and independence in the context of imperialism, imperial history, and decolonization. We also offer our students the opportunity to learn a second foreign language.

Furthermore, elective courses from different disciplines provide our students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies for interdisciplinary academic work. Our students can pursue double major and minor degrees.

Graduates of our department can work in different sectors including the social sciences, academics, publishing, advertising, corporate relations, banking, translation, and education.

Asst. Prof. Sevilay YAVUZ ÇEŞMECİ

Dep. Chairman